Wednesday, September 17, 2014

24 Hour Play Festival

I'm alive! Kind of. Last Friday, I participated as a writer/director in the SMC Drama Club's 24 Hour Play Festival. A bunch of us kids got together throughout the theatre at 7 pm Friday night and tried to write our way out of multiple paper bags while attempting to keep our sanity as much in tact as possible. The first stage involved those who signed up to be actors perform in a few improv games so that the directors had a preview of what to expect

After, the actors and directors are free to go home until 7 am callback time, which leaves the writers up all night coming up with their best ideas. You'll be put into writing groups and make your way to a part of the theatre that is most comfortable or wherever you manage to get first.

So, my group and I made our way into Room 134 and lost our minds as early as 9 pm. 

Soon, Fort making, Destiny's Child, and Cumby's runs were underway. Everyone actually finished impeccably fast so around 3 am, we all gathered in the main theatre for improv games. 

Sleep happened for a short while, then the arduous process of casting and directing began. I came in as an assistant director (I went home and got more sleep because yay good health) and worked with Shannon Carroll in "SMC Crushes: The Musical" aka everyone's favorite webpage live with songs and dancing. Our cast: Zac, Kristyn, Melissa, Rosalie, and Jay were amazing to work with and a good group of people to lose my mind with as well. 

And lastly, the act of the actual shows going up. It was a big success with a great turnout and everyone I've talked to enjoyed it!! The incredible Dom Wood filmed everything in case you missed it and want to watch it/you couldn't get enough of all the theatre. If you want to get involved with the SMC Drama Club, our meetings are every other Thursday (next Thursday) at 5:15! Improv is also on Tuesday nights at 9 pm with the lovely Brendan Oates in the Trap Door Theatre in McCarthy. Enjoy! More to come!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Back: This Week In A Post

This blog has been deserted for a while, and I apologize. However, I'm now feeling better than I've ever felt before. Vlogs will return as soon as my mother sends my beautiful Nikon to me.

HERE WE ARE: Class of 2018 is now joining us in an abundance. I'm happy to know that these kids chose SMC and it takes me back to when I was a rising freshman here. I wish them all the best in their endeavors and I (know) hope that they enjoy their 4 years here.

I've survived my first week of classes!
As follows:

  1. Japanese
  2. Introduction to Anthropology
  3. Foundations of Global Studies
  4. Alexander Technique
It's nice to only have one class on MWF, however, 3 classes in one day (including a lovely 8 am) is a bit tiring. 

My Anthropology professor decided to revamp the course to be more hands on and have us literally experience how it is in the anthropological field. The most interesting aspect of my anthro course is that we're given a community service project. Certain groups of us are given a group of children from either King Street Center or Champlain Elementary. There we are told to observe how the children react/respond to stimulus aka the curiosity they experience when they wonder why we're watching them and taking down notes. I was chosen to participate in an after school program at the Champlain Elementary on Wednesdays for 3 hours, which I'm looking forward to.

Another fun thing we've done so far in anthropology is meet with the Japanese exchange students from Tokyo Women's Christian University. Two of us were introduced up with a two of the students and were asked to give a basic interview (which turned into an excellent conversation). Sayaka, who was my partner, is a linguistics major who read all the Harry Potter books in english. Actually, her english is probably better than mine to be quite honest. We were also given the privilege to take them out to spend time with them while we were here. We decided to go to American Flatbread right off of Church Street which I think they enjoyed to the fullest (I know I did).

Fun fact: Did you know that a pizza costs around 30 dollars in Japan?

After we dropped them off, they gave Kallie (my anthro partner) and I paper fans and Green Tea Kitkats, which I realized were a gift from God.

I also worked the Drama Club booth at the Activity Fair today in Alliot. If I saw you there, I have to apologize, I was beyond sleepy. We got a good amount of people who were interested in Theatre which was so great; it's nice to have new blood around to liven things up. Our lovely Secretary for the Drama Club Anna Forger spent a long time on a beautiful poster which hung behind us at the booth.

Okay, not so much a booth I guess, but more like a very important table.

Speaking of very important things: the first Drama Club meeting is Thursday at 5:15. We meet every other Thursday in the McCarthy main theater. Lots of opportunities for acting, writing, and other relevant things that will be discussed during the meeting, so come on out! The 24 Hour Play Festival is also happening this weekend in which a group of us will direct, write, and act out shows we work on from Friday night and perform everything on Saturday night. It's an amazing opportunity, and sign ups are still happening in McCarthy! (Just look for the men's room)

Presidents + DJ Tetreault for your viewing pleasure and the end of this blog post. Welcome back, everyone!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gruene, TX Christmas Festival

Close to where I'm living in San Antonio, there are a few little minor towns that border from here to every major city in Texas. I know that Austin is 45 minutes from here and Houston is 3 hours, so it's kind of hard to try and enjoy big things like that in just one day. 

Gruene (pronounced "Green") and New Braunfels are two German towns located on the outskirts of San Antonio. German settlers claimed this land (just to reiterate the history plaque) and as time went on, the inhabitants made it have a more...southern feel. I enjoyed visiting here because it still gives off that old southern feel. 

My favorite part of Gruene that we got to experience was this old antique shop that we just happened to stumble upon...while looking for (a bathroom) the oldest dance hall in all of Texas. It was enormous, like the size of a warehouse, however it was warm and super inviting and would have things that you wouldn't even imagine. 

(nightmares? yes)

(when I saw this, I was really happy I was born in a time of modern medicine. Yikes.)

There was also a general store that had all kinds of homemade hot sauces, different blends for food, and even bacon candy canes...

Unfortunately, we had to leave before the Christmas lights were put up, but all in all, it's a city worth going to. It was also freezing so I recommend going when it's warm. Probably not during the summer because then you won't want to leave your air conditioned house/car. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

VT Teddy Bear Factory!

There's a thing I did before I left!!!

I know the Ben and Jerry's factory and the Shelburne museum and all that good stuff is close by to us, yet I haven't gotten a chance to ever go there. 

However, my mom and grandpa came up to fly me back down to Texas and she was super excited about the Teddy Bear factory down the street from us. 

Teddy, Teddy Roosevelt. Get it? Yeah

As you walk up to the entrance, you can tell it's going to be actually a magical experience and then you walk in

^ Here we see the wild grandpa interested in what those tube chutes are (they're for making "to-go" bears, which means you stuff them yourself, etc).

My personal favorite gag they had:

I just really like puns

So obviously it was that of my 6 year old imagination of the Teddy Bear land I had always dreamt of right before my eyes and right down the street from school. I'll make my way to Ben and Jerry's eventually, I've just got to stay careful or I may eat the entire factory building and all. 

I also got a bear
I actually haven't named him, it exudes mystery

Maybe I should name him mystery!

or debbie

(VT Teddy Bear website :

Long Overdue

There's a reason I haven't been around as much, I promise. 

For almost 6 years now, I've had a severe case of epilepsy. It more or less came out of nowhere, it's an idiopathic case, and I probably won't grow out of it. I've finally come to terms with it though. It could be worse. It's always been a hindrance on both my body and my ability to perform to the best of my ability, whether it be school or otherwise. 

I just wanna take some time to talk to those of you who might have something like epilepsy or diabetes or some other impediment:

I've tried with everything I've had over these past 5 and a half years to stay in school and be happy. I've come a long way. There have been times where I've given up completely and felt utterly worthless. But that really gets you nowhere. If you try, then you'll succeed. Another great thing is that I've made so many friends at Saint Mike's who act as my support system. I don't know what I'd do without you guys.  The faculty and staff have been extremely helpful as far as helping me keep up and doing their best to help me along.

Don't let anything get you down. Don't let whatever's ailing you take over your life, because there's so much more to it. Going to college is a new thing for everyone and it might be difficult at first, but you'll make those connections and it'll help you see how worth life at Saint Mike's and just life in general actually is. Sure, there'll be bumps in the road and you might falter, but it happens to everyone.

Anyway, aside from the sappy stuff, I've got a lot of catching up to do as far as this whole job thing goes. 

Thanks guys.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mid Semester

November has gone by so quickly! We're already basically finished! 
Apologies for no blogs in a while, I've had massive amounts of homework and club activities, etc. But! This is my job and I get infinite enjoyment from doing it. 

So much has happened! Last weekend was the first snowfall, and I got to experience it with my buddies from Brazil whose first experience was that night! 

There was SMC's cultural festival that took place last Saturday (or the Saturday before this previous one). It featured different food selections from places like Japan, South Korea, and other countries just to name a few. There were also talents showcased that were related to the different cultures that participated that are local. There was "Taiko", which is a traditional Japanese style of drumming which is also an immense amount of work. I sat at the Brazil table since my friend and I helped cook food for the Brazil food section

I went to my first Hockey game ever @ SMC v. Norwich!!! Unfortunately, it was a loss for us, but there's still the entire season left to go. Optimism! I got judged greatly for bringing my gameboy...what else was I supposed to do during each 10 minute zamboni run?

(For now)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Exams, Breaks, and Becoming a Pokémon Master

Friends, it's been a busy few weeks indeed. 

I'm still working on my super special teacher interview vlog, so that'll be up. I've also got some health issues going on which kind of prohibits me from going to class aka all the makeup work ever. Rocky Horror (which I'm co-directing) is next Friday! It's also midterm week due to our SUPER SWEET OCTOBER BREAK. Consider it a long weekend, but it's a well deserved break. Some people go home for the break if they live close enough. 

But for those like me who live in Texas, I get to stay here. It's okay though, I got Pokémon X and Y so I'll be in the zone all weekend. I may or may not emerge from my room. We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of playing games for children, I'm 20 years old now. You feel actually really old when your cousin/kids who were born in like 1996 are getting licenses and you're just chillin' till you're 6 months seizure free.

In the meantime, it's time to bond with my pokemanz